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Cards & Tags

Cards & Tags

You’ve got the perfect lanyard and have found some amazing accessories to make your next pin trading experience great. But as you look at your set up you cannot help but think something is missing. At Arizona Lanyards we completely understand how you are feeling. You just need that extra something that puts you over the top; a lanyard business card that tells everyone who you are or why you are here. Enter the world of custom lanyard cards.

When we started in this business one of our first events was the Pin Trading Celebration at Walt Disney World. We had 300 people attend our event and we needed name cards. We weren’t looking for simple stickers with a Sharpie. We wanted something cool and artistic. We developed a card with the attendee’s name, the event, and some graphic design. They were laminated and attached to the bottom of the lanyard via the hook. These cards were the hit of the event!

From that point forward we began receiving requests from events and customers looking for a unique card that would make their pin trading ensemble complete. We now work closely with the customer to develop these cards to their exacting specification.

If you have an idea for a cool lanyard card, contact us and we’ll work with you to make it a reality.