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About Us

About Us

Welcome to the Arizona Lanyards Factory information page. We at Arizona Lanyards like to Our Designers think of ourselves as entrepreneurs who are constantly trying to manufacture the highest quality products. We spare no expense to bring you, the customer, the very best. Our crack team of designers are constantly at the drawing board coming up with new ideas. Whether it be a lanyard for aliens at Area 51 or tow strap lanyards for Stan’s Towing and Septic Cleaning Services, our designers will come up with the perfect solution to your lanyard problems. Each plan is hand drawn to the customer’s specifications to ensure that your needs are meant the first time.

Once the design has been identified, the plans are turned over to our crack purchasing Our Purchasing Agents staff to procure the finest in raw materials. This tireless staff is constantly on the look out for rare and exotic materials to match the vision the designers have. Our buyers travel the world over looking for the perfect material. They shop at every garage sale advertised looking for the perfect material. At each location, the buyer meets with the manufacturer to discuss quality and quantity. All cost savings are passed on to the customer thereby keeping your per unit price to a minimum. You might ask, “How can we do that and stay in business?” Well, the key to our success is in hiring our staff young and grooming them into a lifetime of service to the company. You might even say they feel indentured to us for giving them a chance.

Once the raw materials have been procured, the materials are brought in to our state-of-the-art manufacturing Our Assembly Line facilities where production begins. Care and love are given to each lanyard to make sure that they are of the highest quality possible. In fact, quality is the life blood of our operation. If a lanyard does not meet the strict specifications set by the factory foreman, the worker is docked pay for their mistakes. And since each worker is paid only in food and shelter, mistakes can be costly. Our workers are some of the most efficient in the industry and are also among the happiest. Constant review of job performance and well placed praise and television privileges make our rate of turnover the lowest in the world.

Once the lanyards are made, they are carefully packaged and individually wrapped. They are then whisked away using the newest technology Delivering Our Products to our high-tech shipping department where they are packaged according to the order. The orders are checked and double checked to ensure that they are correct. Once the final inspection has been made, the lanyards are boxed up to be delivered to the local post office by one of our cheerful delivery people. As each package is placed in the post office, it is given a kiss and a wish of good luck to the recipient. The package is then sent on its way to a waiting customer and the order is marked as complete with our young workers rewarded with a hot meal and tomorrows schedule.

As you can see, the Arizona Lanyards Factory is committed to bringing you the very best in pin lanyards. The next time you see a lanyard hanging from the neck of a collector, remember the time, effort, and children sacrificed in order to bring about this fine clothing article.