Taking over the world one lanyard at a time


At Arizona Lanyards we believe that your pin trading lanyard should be an extension of your mood or personality. Anyone can take a nylon strap and load it with pins. What we want is a way for you to express yourself to show other traders that you are unique and different.

It’s not just being different, it is a matter of personal choice coupled with demanding the highest quality product available. All of our lanyards are made from the most durable materials guaranteeing you years of enjoyment.


We at Arizona Lanyards understand that a good lanyard is not all that is needed for you to enjoy pin trading. We are therefore working to find other accessories to enhance your pin trading experience.

We are pleased to announce that Arizona Lanyards is now a dealer for PinSavers™. These wonderful devices allow you to attach those special or expensive pins without fear of losing them. We have all experienced the dread associated with losing a pin after it has fallen off a lanyard due to the metal or rubber pin back coming loose.

Cards & Tags

You’ve got the perfect lanyard and have found some amazing accessories to make your next pin trading experience great. But as you look at your set up you cannot help but think something is missing. At Arizona Lanyards we completely understand how you are feeling. You just need that extra something that puts you over the top; a lanyard business card that tells everyone who you are or why you are here. Enter the world of custom lanyard cards.

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